Wells writes:  “I have a room with a brilliant view.  Being an artist I did what comes naturally to me and began taking photographs of what was there.

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The street lamps got in the way though and were invariably in shot.  After a year or so I noticed the first instance of full-bodied ‘refraction’, it looked like a small form or ‘Being’ made of light holding out a turquoise oval towards me.

Nigel Green pointed me in the direction of the extraordinary 15th century painter Sassetta Stefano di Giovanni.  His painting The blessed Ranieri frees the poor from a Florentine jail depicts a saint flying/hovering above the ground with a tail end that looks rocket powered and is very similar to some of the images that have appeared in my camera.

I’m very interested in symbolism and so some of these images particularly attracted my attention, e.g. one seems to have an ‘F’ and  ‘IY’.  My research found me iY = ‘Young Millennials’ and F as in Digamma, the Episemon and the number 6 = Jesus. (Illuminating 1) And during this research I stumbled upon the likeness to the Brane-like shape found in quantum physics  wormholes? (Illuminating 1 and 6)

Another has a ‘V’ reminding me of an old Virago Press logo, most definitions of virago are shrewish, however Webster Dictionary defines it as meaning: “a woman of extraordinary stature, strength, and courage; a woman who has the robust body and masculine mind of a man; a female warrior”.  (Illuminating 5)

And while refraction and movement account for some of the content I wonder what or whose hand it is that seems to be dangling a ‘Being’ like a puppet-master? (Illuminating 2)

I find the beautiful forms in these images somehow lift the spirit, they are sublime in appearance, their light and colour so satisfying they can be described as exquisite.

The book curated with Nigel Green (soon to be available)  includes close ups of these beautiful forms where you will be able to examine them in more detail.

Illuminating 1

Illuminating 2

Illuminating 3

Illuminating 4

Illuminating 5

Illuminating 6

Illuminating 7