Light, the messenger, spoken about in all religions and no religion, bringer of hope and the reminder of Love.

It’s been rather lacking recently, Light I mean. On a local level evidenced symbolically by my lack of Vitamin D which is incredibly common particularly in this northern hemisphere and a life choice that has required working in an off-the-peg building with sunscreen windows despite it being mostly full of people during the winter months of limited daylight.

Living by the sea, I regularly see shafts of day light pouring down from the sky, signalling that the sun is there despite the clouds which are blocking it. The scene is usually of epic proportions.

I’ve spent a number of years grappling with what to do about all these pictures I have of sea and sky, stars and the strange phenomena that appear periodically.

I’ve made videos of them, formed them into a book, filled a gallery. Nothing seems right. They are beyond these mediums. This week a different kind of medium said to me “Don’t worry about other people’s spirituality. Just focus on yours.” Fair point.

So I’ll focus on mine, like I do everyday, but I’ll share aspects of it with you.