While I remember the different experiences of my childhood that now would be considered strange, at the time I wasn’t particularly fazed by them.

The rest of my life has been outwardly very ordinary. Though often off the rails. Regularly disgracing myself, matching my wrong beginnings. Always seeking freedom, more, something else, truth. Knowing, just knowing that there IS something else that has been hidden from us.

The first time I saw a glitch in a video I freaked out. Not understanding that there can be compression errors in the upload, or is it in the download? Perhaps it depends on your point of view. The woman’s eyes flashed lizard-like. I couldn’t watch the rest of the video after I’d seen it. And the sinister sound that accompanied it just added to it’s frightfulness.

The video was a spiritual one.

After I survived the first one I watched some more. And I kept finding videos with compression problems. It was great. They were all spiritual uploads or downloads and doing crazy things. A gift.

I experimented with them, filming them on the screen, hiding their source, playing with the sound and this began the overt exploration as an artist into my search for The Real..

What I find interesting about this video is that my phone of the time photographed itself at 2.46am while I was sound asleep. At 2.46 the sound in the video, which is randomised, declares “I am an artist”.

HTC One X photograph of itself

HTC One X photograph of itself. It was the first time that I accepted I might just be a mediator in the process.