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This is the home of In Search of The Real: Lucent.  A growing body of work that has been developing out of the daily meditative explorations of artist/explorer Lucinda Wells.  It began a long time ago in another guise and gradually became known as In Search of The Real:… (Glitch, Spike, Lucent).  Video, photography, writing.

It is where you can explore this unusual work and order copies for yourself.


It’s perhaps no accident that Wells works with light, if you were to take notice of name meanings you’d discover hers translates as ‘Light Spring’.

Following decades of exploration and meditation Wells is acutely aware of the seen and unseen, the senses beyond the everyday senses.  She is in tune with the inner light we all share and which she endeavours to keep high in her awareness.  Her pictures seem to be graced with mystery, the poetics of spirit, the light of being.  What does that mean?  Take a look…

Wells has an MA in Photography and a 1st class BA (Hons) Fine Art.   Her area of research has developed over the years into mostly exploring phenomena, along with spiritual and mystical inquiry, shamanism and Celtic mythology.  She is Course Leader on the BA (Hons) Visual Communication – Photography at University Centre Hastings.

The images on this site are as shot in camera except those which are cropped in order to show a detail.